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Started from the idea that we could do more with our skills, our team came together to help others both grow into the individual they've always wanted to be while also building communities for a better future. We are working to built a better better tomorrow for our users and one that excites our souls.

Super Simple Health

Grown from the idea medical providers should be spending more time focused on their patients, and less time entering data into a computer, Super Simple is driven to help those in medicine provide a better, more trusted experience with those they care for.

Right Action Group

In a digital-first world, every business needs a roadmap for success. At Right Action Group, we don't just navigate the digital landscape; we pioneer the way forward. Are you ready to define and implement a digital strategy that propels your business to new heights?We know one size doesn't fit all, and it's not just about technology. Success is about the convergence of people, processes, and innovation. We take a holistic approach to ensure your digital strategy is integrated into every facet of your organization.


For millennia, humans have thrived by coming together in communities, sharing their lives with others, and building the foundations of our various cultures and societies.Here at Sharehaven, we are working to change the way people start owning their homes, by building a (not so) new way for people to live. We help members chart the path from paying someone else's mortgage to becoming an owner themselves.Come. Live like we were meant to.


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